Vitamin ABCDE Tattoo & SPMU Balm

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Vitamin ABCDE balm

Resealable sachet of premium healing protective balm for microblading, micro-pigmentation and tattoo treated areas. Suitable for brows, lips, areola, scalp and body tattoo’s.

Tiny particles of Olive wax, Shea butter, jojoba, green tea and yarrow support healing of treated skin. Apply a tiny amount of this beautiful balm to your finger and it will melt into your skin, apply to treated area and reseal sachet

A beautiful vegan, 100% natural and organic balm to heal and prolong colour on ‘tattoo’s’ and ‘Semi-Permanent’ make-up.

We choose blue yarrow essential oil and geranium to provide anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties and a beautiful scent.

Yarrow was applied to wounds in world war 1 to stem bleeding and prevent infection, our research made us select this as a key ingredient in our award winning balm.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 115 mm

3 reviews for Vitamin ABCDE Tattoo & SPMU Balm

  1. Portia Robinson

    Portia L Robinson  
    Loving my new brows and my brow cares balm definitely feels and smells great, if your looking for the best results my brow care is definitely recommend 

  2. Emma Beard

    Love this balm, used it on my brows are microblading and it lasted 3 weeks. Its resealable and smells great. Emma

  3. Alex – High brow esthetics- Liverpool

    Alex from high brow esthetics- Liverpool :
    I’m pleased, a bit of a breakthrough for me in my lip retention. Brow healing amazing too after using my brow care.Tbh it’s the aftercare that makes such a massive difference and I’ve really come to understand that now

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