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Scalp & Body Tattoo moisturiser

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With Softisan, Cedar wood and Sweet Orange – smells gorgeous, fresh and woody.

To protect colour vibrancy, reduce flaking, support healing and smell amazing

When applied to the scalp this product is quickly absorbed, is not tacky and doesn’t leave the shine that many balms do.

We believe that balms are not best suited for scalp treatments or hairy areas of the body as they can be shiny, tacky and difficult to absorb.

MBC chose  Softisan 649 to protect colour vibrancy and moisturise the skin.

Softisan 649 it is a vegan alternative to lanolin, it is more stable, provides more water resistance  is a clinically proven better emollient.

Cedar wood and Sweet orange has sooting and healing properties and is generally adored by all sexes

1 review for Scalp & Body Tattoo moisturiser

  1. ‘Scalp Studio’ Kevin Langley

    I have been using this product with my clients now for a few months and I’m very happy. These are fantastic products not only for results and quality ingredients but affordable. Kevin Langley Scalp Studio

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