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Scalp shampoo & Tattoo wash.

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Scalp micropigmentation shampoo / tattoo wash

With  pure-phen, Cedarwood and Sweet Orange – smells gorgeous

This luxurious foaming wash is perfect for shampooing scalp micropigmentation  and tattoo areas. Use it daily when your tattoo artist advises it is safe to wash  protect to colour vibrancy, reduce scaling, reduce redness and acne related problems to the scalp and body.

Ingredients applied to this wash have  been clinically proven to have the following qualities

  • Reduce skin redness (in vivo test)
  • Reduce the number of acne related skin lesions
  • Reduce dandruff related scaling problems
  • Promote restoration of normal conditions of the scalp
  • Bacteriostatic effect against Staphylococcus epidermidis and Malassezia furfur (in vitro tests)
  • SLS free to reduce colour fading

Pure-Phen is an anti-ageing ingredient too that can be added to creams and luxurious foaming washes.

1 review for Scalp shampoo & Tattoo wash.

  1. Scalp Studio Kevin Langley

    I have been using there products with my clients now for a few months and I’m very happy. one client remarked that his scalp had stopped flaking. These are fantastic products not only for results and quality ingredients but affordable. Kevin Langley Scalp Studio

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