Yarrow & olive SPMU / Tattoo Balm 15 ml

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The healing properties of Organic yarrow, is soothing to  microbladed or treated brows. The balm is an elixir of Olive wax to heal and provide protection from water, jojoba (to nourish the existing brow hair), calendula (to reduce redness and promote healing) and Green Tea oil (abundant in anti-oxidants). The aroma is calming so don’t forget to inhale  the beautiful scent.

This healing balm will provide a barrier to protect colour pigment from fading; apply prior to hair washing and bathing to protect treated area.

There is plenty of balm in this pot to last about 8 weeks, it can also be applied to tattoo’s to help provide a barrier from water and will help with the healing process to any area that has been treated with SPMU

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1 review for Yarrow & olive SPMU / Tattoo Balm 15 ml

  1. Portia Robinson

    Portia L Robinson  
    Loving my new brows and my brow cares balm definitely feels and smells great, if your looking for the best results my brow care is definitely recommend 

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