Complete Care, Prepare & Protect kit

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A beautiful kit containing The Prepare, Care and protect mist which is rich in healing organic yarrow and anti-bacterial rose geranium.
The balm is an elixir of Olive wax to heal and provide protection from water, jojoba (to nourish the existing brow hair), calendula (to reduce redness and promote healing) and Green Tea oil (abundant in anti-oxidants) I’ve added a splash of organic yarrow for its healing properties. The aroma is calming and beautiful.
Complete with spatula and aftercare advice.
Presented in a beautiful box, retain for all your brow care – tweezers, mirror etc

37 reviews for Complete Care, Prepare & Protect kit

  1. Victoria Catherine

    Just had my top up microblading session with Abby and I’m really pleased with my results. I now have even, fuller eyebrows. The aftercare has been lovely thanks to the My Brow Care products. They are really soothing and smell great. There’s no nasty ingredients in them and the brow balm is fantastic. I did not have any crusting at all after my treatment and used the balm whenever my brows felt dry. I’ll definitely continue to use the products and would actually love to be able to buy the balm on its own in the future!
    Great job!
    A week on and really happy with the shape of my brows! Subtle and neat! Love the brow care products too.

  2. Anna Gidman

    Really love this product, it smells beautiful and my new brows didnt flake
    Anna Gidman

  3. Anneliese Parkes

    I had my eyebrows done by Abby and I love them- she gave great aftercare advice on how to use the home care products and I have enjoyed using them so far. Very soothing on my skin and they smell gorgeous.

  4. Elis Pulz

    Love it !
    Elis Pulz

  5. Redouane El Arfaoui

    Love My Brow Care
    Redouane El Arfaoui

  6. Ina Vez

    Most professional ! Highly recommend! Thank you
    Ina Vez

  7. Anna Spiewak

    Love My Brow Care
    Anna Spiewak

  8. Emma Beard

    Love this kit, it smells beautiful and lasted six weeks, Emma x

  9. Nyamaa Chuluunbat

    Five Stars! Nyamaa Chuluunbat

  10. Dawna Kay Mainard

    Great artist, I would recommend this studio to anyone wanting permanent makeup

  11. Zenya Bodnerac

    110% naturally derived and Organic! Absolutely in love with My Brow Care kit! It helped with the healing process after micro blading and left my skin feeling just amazing. It also minimized scabbing and restored moisture and suppleness of the skin. Great value for money too as little goes a long way. Plenty left for those dry elbow and cuticles. Great all rounder!

  12. Nyamaa Chuluunbat

    Nyamaa Chuluunbat

  13. Fiona Barber

    These products are gorgeous. Fiona Barber

  14. louise westcot

    These products are brilliant, really smell lovely too. You deserve to be a finalist

  15. Natalie Gooding

    This kit really is something special – love it, it even smells like it is doing you good! Im using my left over balm on my elbows

  16. Hanul Oh

    Beautiful ingredients, really works

  17. Portia

    I’ve recommended it to a friends to buy as she wasn’t given any aftercare where she had it done in another city. It smells so good and works, Bye Portia

  18. Sarah

    Great idea was looking for a professional product to retail to my clients and they love it too.

  19. Dawn Taylor

    Very good results, used all the way through my treatment for aftercare and maintenance would highly recommend. Dawn Taylor

  20. Yvonne

    Beautiful smell. easy to use and works so well at soothing and helping to heal.

  21. Gail Wilson

    Ive loved using the aftercare and glad i had something that helped sooth and nourish as well as clean and protect the colour.

  22. Esther Hall

    Im thrilled with the end results of my treatment and MY Brow Care was the perfect aftercare for me. I was so pleased to recommend a professional product that I could trust.

  23. Joanne Williams

    Love it, Joanne Williams

  24. Julie Teage.

    Its great to have a professional aftercare service you can take home and know it helps your brows last longer.

  25. Fiona

    Love both products in the kit and really pleased i bought them to compliment the great service. Fiona

  26. Beckie Davies

    Great end result when using my brow care after my microblading, definitely recommend and will use as its so lovely – thank you

  27. Lorraine Ford

    I love the smell and consistency. so happy to write feedback for such a great product. Ive used the kit and my brows look great.

  28. Lucy Sturley

    Can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with my new brows they have transformed me completely . Abby is so lovely and calming would highly recommend to anyone and will definitely be back in the future when they need topping up. It’s quite a journey from start to finish but stick with it and you will be amazed. Used my brow care everyday for 6 weeks it’s really soothing and smells lovely

  29. Louise Westcot

    Love this product, it does exactly what you need – no scabs

  30. Anon

    This kit is seriously lovely. I also love the fact you can use it on your face and lips too. Anon

  31. Dionne Reece, Microblading consultant

    Such a fabulous product its proving great with clients i absolutely love it and im very passionate about using it.

  32. Louisa Nicholson, Brow Consultant

    So I’ve tried this product on 2 ladies now and just seen the healed results today and I have to say its fab !! They were both 3 weeks into the healing and pigment retention was great – much better than id seen before , and I know that with another 3 weeks for the colour to push through it will be even better.
    I loved the concept when I heard about it so I’m so glad it really worked.

  33. Michelle Bebbington

    I love MY BROW CARE so much i didn’t want to stop using it! The smell is just amazing too

  34. Karen Baxter

    The products smell amazing, were calming and soothing and really helped when my brows felt tight and sore. I was told to let them heal dry but after 3 days was in a lot of pain and colleague recommended this. I was really glad to have something to use that helped them heal

  35. Manuela Merafina

    I LOVE !

  36. Nicola Wiston

    Your products are absolutely brilliant Abby, healing nicely and evenly have recommended this to all my friends

  37. Emma Smith

    Emma Smith  recommends My Brow Care.
    April 17 at 9:58 AM · 
    I absolutely love the My brow care range. My clients are obsessed with the smell and the cleansing mist is my all time fave. I can’t manage without it 

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