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Opulent Golden Serum

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We chose rose otto – the most opulent (and expensive) oil in the world; it takes 10,000 rose petals to extract 1 Litre of rose otto oil. We choose sandalwood to balance this luxurious blend – it is calming to the skin and the mind and loved by our friends in the UAE. Calendula, jojoba, coconut and grape seed oils  sooth and repair brows and treated areas by threading or waxing.

This serum is also perfect for microbladed and micropigmentation treated brows.  It is an elixir of natural goodness. Organic jojoba (to nourish the existing brow hair), calendula (to reduce redness and promote healing). The aroma is just beautiful so don’t forget to inhale the beautiful scent and enjoy the moment.

This serum is perfect for tattoo healing too and can be applied to treated skin 24 hours after treatment or tattoo. It will protect colour fading as it will provide some protection from water on tattooed skin anywhere on the face or body


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